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Readers' Choice Top 100 Non-Fiction Books

1 The Virtue of Selfishness Ayn Rand
2 Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health L. Ron Hubbard
3 Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Leonard Peikoff
4 101 Things to Do Til The Revolution Claire Wolfe
5 God of The Machine Isabel Paterson
6 Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life Micheal Paxton
7 The Ultimate Resource Julian Simon
8 Economics in One Lesson Henry Hazlitt
9 Send in The Waco Killers Vin Suprynowicz
10 More Guns, Less Crime John R. Lott
11 Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal Bruce Wiseman
12 Fingerprints of The Gods G. Hancock
13 Classical Individualism: The Supreme Importance of Each Human Being Tibor Machan
14 Free To Choose Milton and Rose Friedman
15 Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do Peter McWilliams
16 The Road To Serfdom F. A. Hayek
17 Freedom In Chains James Bovard
18 America's Great Depression Murray N. Rothbard
19 The Roosevelt Myth John T. Flynn
20 The True Believer Eric Hoffer
21 Vindicating the Founders Thomas West
22 The Declaration of Independance Carl L. Becker
23 Cognitive Therapy and the Emotional Disorders Aaron T. Beck
24 Death By Government R. J. Rummel
25 A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf
26 Longitude Dava Sobel
27 Ordinarily Sacred Lynda Sexson
28 Speak, Memory Vladimir Nabokov
29 The Art of Memory Frances Yates
30 Dumbing Us Down John Taylor Gatto
31 The Golden Bough James Frazer
32 Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West Stephen E. Ambrose
33 A Modern Prophet Harold Klemp
34 The Flute of God Paul Twitchell
35 Real Presences George Steiner
36 Out of Africa Isak Dinesen
37 Ways of Seeing John Berger
38 The Shadow University: The Betrayal of America's Campuses Alan Charles Kors
39 Property Matters: How Property Rights are Under Assault and Why You Should Care James V. DeLong
40 Storming Heaven Jay Stevens
41 The Texan C. S. Barrios
42 Homage to Catalonia George Orwell
43 The Varieties of Religious Experience William James
44 How To Lie With Statistics Darrell Huff
45 But Is It True? Aaron Wildavsky
46 A Mathematician Reads The Newspaper John Allen Paulos
47 Anatomy of Criticism Northrop Frye
48 The Mainspring of Human Progress Henry Grady Weaver
49 Modern Times Paul Johnson
50 Men To Match My Mountains Irving Stone
51 The Education of Henry Adams Henry Adams
52 The Great Bridge David McCullough
53 American Gay Stephen O. Murray
54 The Double Helix James D. Watson
55 The Sense of Ending Frank Kermode
56 The Gnostic Gospels Elaine Pagels
57 Eros The Bittersweet Anne Carson
58 The Western Canon Harold Bloom
59 The White Goddess Robert Graves
60 Healing Our World Mary Ruwart
61 Silent Spring Rachel Carson
62 Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Annie Dillard
63 Sexual Personae Camille Paglia
64 Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
65 A Life of One's Own David Kelley
66 Doors of Perception Aldous Huxley
67 The Discovery of Freedom Rose Wilder Lane
68 More Liberty Means Less Freedom Walter Williams
69 Libertarianism: A Primer David Boaz
70 Beyond Liberal and Conservative William Maddox and Stuart Lilie
71 A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles Thomas Sowell
72 Parliament of Whores P. J. O'Rourke
73 Seperating Churh and State: How to Liberate America's Families Sheldon Richman
74 The Future and Its Enemies Virginia Postrel
75 The Elements of Style William Strunk and E. B. White
76 Orientalism Edward Said
77 Ecoterror Ron Arnold
78 Why Government Doesn't Work Harry Browne
79 Out of the Crisis W. Edwards Deming
80 Not Out of Africa Mary Lefkowitz
81 The End of Racism Dinesh D'Souza
82 Behind the Mask Ian Buruma
83 In a Dark Wood Alston Chase
84 Private Parts Howard Stern
85 The Telephone Book Avital Ronell
86 The Minutemen: Restoring an Army of the People Gary Hart
87 Waking and Dreaming Joseph Hart
88 The Greatest Story Never Told Lana Cantrell
89 Radical Son David Horowitz
90 Under The Sign of Saturn Susan Sontag
91 The Autobiography of Malcolm X Alex Haley and Malcolm X.
92 A Feeling For Books Janice Radway
93 The Hero of Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell
94 The Job William Burroughs
95 Silent Interviews Samuel R. Delany
96 Slats Grobnik and Some Other Friends Mike Ryoko
97 The Rise of Unmeltable Ethics Michael Novack
98 Reverse Angle John Simon
99 Placing Movies Johnathon Rosenbaum
100 Right From The Beginning Patrick J. Buchanan

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