"Meet the Author" Day

Light refreshments will be provided.

at The Book Escape

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

12pm - 4pm

We at The Book Escape love books. We love Baltimore, and we love Maryland. And wouldn't you know it... there are many excellent authors in Baltimore and the surrounding areas! And not just the big names that might usually come to mind.

In order to show some support for these authors, we decided to start hosting quarterly group signings with authors from the surrounding area that have written books that we think are interesting and unique. We are so excited about this that for this first signing, we are giving the authors all proceeds from the sale of their books! Please join us to celebrate authors from Baltimore, from Maryland, and from the surround area.

The following local authors will be gathering at The Book Escape to sign copies of their books and answer questions. Several of them may give short lectures or readings.

Kevin Zucker

Inner Truth: Vibrational Healing

Inner Truth: Vibrational Healing by Kevin Zucker

Our "modern" way of living is more and more stressful with more and more "friendly fire." You can treat yourself badly, store toxic emotions, eat junk, pollute yourself in every way, until you are about 48 years old. Then, from nature's point of view, your children are probably able to care for themselves, and all the extra vitality that you once had to burn, disappears. If you are still trying to live that way you are risking a health crisis.

Let go of bad habits. Start taking care of yourself now. "Inner Truth" will show you how.

Odessa Rose

Water In A Broken Glass

Water In A Broken Glass by Odessa Rose

Using Baltimore as the backdrop, this contemporary book centers around renowned sculptor Tonya Mimms, who during her senior year in high school discovered that she was different from all the other girls, except for that one girl, who winked her left eye at Tonya and made her feel as though she had been kissed on the nape of her neck. Since that horrifying, precious day, Tonya has been using her artwork to forget how painfully sweet that wink felt...

Heather Ziener

Torn Sneakers

Torn Sneakers by Heather Ziener

Torn Sneakers is a memoir about my struggle to break co-dependency and rebuild my self-esteem in order to tear away from Chris, a heroin addict. Chris ends up living on the streets of Baltimore, and is arrested and detained in jail, where he becomes involved in gang acitvity. After surviving his drug addiction, "street hopping" and jail, Chris eventually becomes partially blind. I tried to help him deal with his addiction, but my life was in danger. In the end, I realized how dangerous addictions can be and I needed to save my own life instead of trying to help Chris. While I was involved with Chris, I felt like I was falling further and further into a deep, dark hole and could not climb out, no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to walk away from Chris on many occasions, but a turn of events would always cause me to feel sad for Chris, and I stayed in this relationship. My good friend Jay played a cruel trick on me, but it forced me to face the reality that whatever amount of love I had with Chris was not worth me losing my life. Torn Sneakers shows how powerful, heartbreaking, and confusing dealing with an addict was to me.

After realizing how blessed she was, Heather A. Ziener wrote Torn Sneakers to tell her story of heartache, laughter, and pain. She was raised in a loving family, the daughter of a military man, has a loving mother, and two wonderful sisters. She lived in Hawaii, Italy, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Japan as a child. Heather A. Ziener taught Special Education and Elementary Education in Maryland. She works part-time at an assisted living home for residents with Alzheimer's disease. She volunteers serving meals at the National Institute of Health Children's Inn and the Baltimore Station drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Heather appeared on the Judge Joe Brown show as a plaintiff, the case being in connection with this book, and won the lawsuit. She appeared on the show in order to seek validation and justice. Although she is educated and has a career, she struggled with co-depedency and finding the strength to walk away from a bad relationship. Heather A. Ziener wanted to show that even though she was not raised in a family that dealt with addictions, she was still swept up into the lies, deceipt, and the dangers of being with an addict. She was lucky enough to break free from this addict and rebuild her life before it was too late. Heather resides in Annapolis, Maryland.

Linnell Shawn Dowling

Living at Home, a memoir


Linnell takes readers on his life journey with this cautionary coming of age story. Filled with honesty and brimming with hope, his story is one of redemption, resilience and destiny.

As a young man surrounded by drugs and violence, Linnell fell victim to the traps that capture many youth growing up in the inner city. Mistake after mistake put him on a path of destruction with the prospect of an early death chasing him for years.

This revealing collection of experiences details the life lessons and inspirational moments of a young man brought back from the brink of losing it all. A determined Will, the prayers of a forgiving family and a belief in God are the ingredients to a success story that is still being written.

Linnell Shawn Dowling, a native Philadelphian who grew up on the tough streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He is a husband, father, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and business consultant. He is an undergraduate student, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy at Ashford University. His will is to continue his studies towards a Master's degree in Accounting (MBA), with specialization in Global Management. His plans are to eventually take the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Dr. Deacon Ritterbush

A Beachcomber's Odyssey, Vol. I

A Beachcomber's Odyssey, Vol. I by Dr. Deacon Ritterbush

Mixing science with beauty and inspiration, A Beachcomber's Odyssey, Volume 1 is the first of two "beachlogs" that follow Ritterbush's sandy footprints as she re-traces beachcombing expeditions across some of the world's most beautiful and/or remote shorelines. Each beach offered up fascinating treasures and inspirational life lessons that helped her-and may help you-navigate through many of life's rocky shoals. Woven throughout are stunning photos and intriguing facts about our world. Find out where the real "Treasure Island" is located. Where "time" begins. The age of water in your drinking cup or the difference between magic pebbles, sea gems and button drops.

Randall Keller

Voices From Forever

Voices From Forever by Randall Keller

Voices From Forever chronicles my journey through the paranormal by way of EVP. What started out as an experiment, proved to be the most eye-opening and profound experience of my life. There is no longer any doubt that beyond this existence is a greater continuation; an equally dynamic and vital place where the passion of human emotion and the animism of the universe converge to reveal a glimpse of what is to come. My attempts to make contact through EVP taught me just how thin the veil is between what we know as living, and the afterlife that claims us all. Death is not the end of being alive, but the beginning of our next step.

Steven Cunningham

Dinosaur Name Poems

Dinosaur Name Poems by Steven Cunningham

Winner of two 2009 Moonbeam Book Awards

These are 30 poems that will encourage in any child love of language carefulness as well as language playfulness.

The bilingual (English/Spanish) book received rare distinction as a Paleontological Research Institution (PRI)-approved book for its content and illustration accuracy, and received two 2009 Moonbeam Awards in the Children.s Poetry and Spanish Language Book categories.

Tackling dinosaurs from A (Allosaurus) to V (Velociraptor), each poem plays on the meaning or etymology of the ancient animal.s name. The richly hued watercolor collages delight with whimsy of their own, and the bilingual glossary of technical terms and prehistoric creatures rounding out the book is sure to satisfy the inquisitive nature so many children bring to learning about these beloved creatures.

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