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The images on the cards offered here were taken directly from the pages of old books (pre-1923) that were too damaged or tattered to use further. We are also offering exact copies of the images on cards, priced slightly less. The name, year and other information about the book is individually printed on the back of each card.

The books themselves undoubtedly gave great pleasure, knowledge or inspiration to one of more generations of readers in their time, and we are pleased that we can offer these beautiful remembrances of them.

We take books like this...

...and turn them into cards
like this

You can even put them in standard size 5" x 7" frames and hang them on the wall like this.

Click links to the right and explore our first sets of cards! Many more to come soon! The Baltimore Book

The Early Eighties: Sidelights on the Baltimore of Forty Years ago

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