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CLICK HERE to schedule your visit

How does it work? Through this website you will see a calendar where you can schedule your visit. You will be required to place a $10.00 deposit for any open one hour time period in order to reserve your spot. The $10.00 will be subtracted from any purchase you make that day. Your reservation will cover you and any family members or friends (up to 3 people total). Singles are encouraged to schedule visits, as well. Our store at this time is only allowing three groups of people in the store for any one hour time period. So there will be maximum of 9 people in store at any one time, but usually much fewer.

IMPORTANT: We have a combination button lock on the front door and you will be pressing the special 4 digit "code of the day" to let yourself in. In order to get this code, you will need to schedule your visit by 8 pm the night before. At that time, we will be emailing the code out to all next-day visitors. Getting into spy novel territory, we know, but just pretend your name is Bond. James Bond.


Why are you doing this? The coronavirus is still a concern for all, and this is our way of flattening the curve at our own location. That is, anyone who has worked in retail knows that people all seem to come at the same time, while during other hours the store remains mostly vacant. By scheduling visits like this, we will have a much more measured and predictable flow to each day. In addition, at the end of each scheduling hour, before the next group of people, we will be wiping and disinfecting common surfaces like doorknobs, tables, etc.

You say we need to let ourselves in... Are you even going to be there? Of course, nothing has changed there. We will be here and ready to help you if you need it.

What if I am late in arriving? You do have an hour to spend here, so there is some flexibility already. If you are hopelessly late, then use the code of the day and come in anyway. We will do our best to accomodate you.

Can I reserve more than one hour time period? Absolutely. You could reserve the whole day if you wanted to, and it would just cost $80, all of which you would get back in store credit. Great birthday present idea for someone! Bookstore King-(or Queen)-for-a-Day!

Can I come without reserving a time? "Walk in" customers will be allowed inside IF no one is in the store at a given time, and IF there are no people scheduled to come in during that time period. In short, if the front door is open, and you can see the inside of the store, just walk in. Scheduling your visit is highly recommended, though, since you will have guaranteed entry. Besides, we know you want to try that combination lock! (And no, the combination to the lock will NOT BE 1-2-3-4)

Will there still be outside books to purchase? Yes, weather permitting, we will continue to have a collection of books outside for sale. Cash only. You can just slip the money in the door slot. If you pick up a book and don't buy, then put the book in a specially marked box. We will be taking those books out of circulation for a few days.

What if I don't have a credit card? Or what if I have store credit just want to use that, and don't want to pay the $10 to schedule a visit? In either of these cases, email us, tell us what day you would like to come, and we will find a time slot for you.


- Masks are required, though you can take them off when you are outside in our courtyard.
- No petting the cat, please. I know...
- We will have special boxes in the store to place books that you look at, but do not purchase. Again, these books will be set aside for several days.
- Anyone in store who has a persistent cough will be politely asked to leave and come back at later time.

Lastly, don't forget about our FREE delivery service! Order any books(s) from the website and if you live nearby, we will bring them to your home (often the same day)! Or, if you live in other parts of Baltimore or the world, we will send them through the postal service.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation! And stay safe and healthy!!!

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