NOTE: We are temporarily ONLY giving store credit for most books (the only exception being current text books, which we can still pay cash for). We are trying to be extra generous in issuing store credit, though, so if you like to read, this is the place to bring your books! We will resume paying cash for your books when market conditions improve.

We buy used books!

How it works

We buy clean used books in Good condition for store credit or cash (store credit is usually at least twice as much as cash). Just bring your books in to our store, and we will take a look and make you an offer. You do not have to call ahead, but please be advised that we are not able to offer cash at all times or for all books. We have to see the books to give estimates. We cannot look at a list of titles or ISBN numbers and make an offer.

When we buy

We accept books every day of the week between 10am and 6pm. There is almost always someone available to evaluate and purchase books between these hours. Saturday is usually a very busy day in our store. If you are in a hurry, bring books in the afternoon during the week.

How much we pay

There is no such thing as an "average" price per book. Some books are valuable and in high demand and we can pay $20+ dollars for them. Some books we cannot pay any cash for, but we can almost always pay some store credit for books.

What we can pay in cash or store credit depends on the demand for the book and the condition of the book. If we have several copies of a book and we get them in quicker than we can sell them(very low demand), then we cannot pay very much for that book(probably only store credit). If we sell a book so well that we hardly ever have a copy(very high demand), then we can pay more for the book(possibly more cash).

The amount that we can pay in store credit is usually at least twice the amount that we can pay in cash.

What we buy

We accept books from all different genres, because we sell a very large variety of books in our store. Here's a list of some of our best sellers. Take a look at that list to get a better idea about what books we can usually pay more for.

We usually make an offer for the whole lot that is brought in, unless the customer specifies that they want us to only pick out the books that we can use the most.

We can use most clean books that are in Good condition. There are a few things that DO NOT sell well in our store. Therefore can not pay very much for these types of things:

You can bring these things to us, but we may not be able to pay you very much(or anything) in cash or store credit. If these types of books are just part of a larger lot of books, it is fine to bring them all in together.

We also happily accept donations!

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